Flights are not included in your package. Return transfers are included in your package.

The cheapest and best way to find flights is with Kiwi.

Use Kiwi to find the best prices across multiple airlines. Most airlines tend to release another batch of flights to Corfu between March and May.

Please see our FAQ page that goes in to more detail about how to get there.

When booking flights, search for DIRECT flights to Corfu (despite how cheap other airport options may be). Flights depart from all over the UK to CORFU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (also known as Loannis Kapodistrias to the greeks). Be aware that this is the ONLY airport on the Island of Corfu. No other Greek airports are close to the Island. Below we have listed every airline that offers flights to Corfu.

IMPORTANT ** Flight prices differ on different days. It may work out more cost effective to arrive a day earlier or leave a day later, and pay £15 extra night to allow you to get a cheaper flight.


Your package price includes transfers to & from Corfu airport. It’s essential that you pre-book your transfer with us. You do this by advising us of your arrival/departure flight times, we will send you a booking reference & confirmation code which you must give to your rep at the airport. If you do not have this (or pre-book with us), expect to pay anything between £40-£80 for a 4 seater taxi (depending on how good you are at negotiating a deal with the taxi drivers!). Transfer time from Corfu to the Anthems complex village is approx 1 hour 20 mins.

Flight Sites

Here are a list of some useful compare sites. Be aware that not all airline companies are included in compare sites. Sometimes it is best to visit airline sites (as we have listed at the bottom of this page) independently for the most competitive price.

Airlines serving Corfu

Norwegian Airlines
British Airways